Wednesday, October 27, 2010

little momma...

yesterday, we had dinner with some good friends that had moved away. Claire was a riot to watch. Matthew had everyone captivated with his charm. I thought I'd share a little scene:

6 adults, 4 kids (Claire, Matthew, Miles---18 months and Jayne---2 1/2 years)

it's about bedtime for all the kids. Miles is laughing and happy, but a little whinney from being tired. Jayne is exhausted (from travel) and lays down on the ground and just whines. Poor kids.

Que Claire:

"Ohhhh, sad!" Claire brings Jayne her blanket.

"Feel better?" Claire FORCES Jayne to drink from her sipper.

Jayne does.

Claire steals blanket, Jayne cries.

"Claire, give it back. It's hers. You can ask her if she will share, but please give it back."

Claire lays down next to Jayne and tries to cover herself and Jayne up with TINY blanket. Claire wraps arms around Jayne. "It's all right, Son." (that's what I say to Matthew when he's crying) Pats her back.

Night continues on with Claire being a mother to all those involved. I had no idea kids had such maternal instincts!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

too big...

I bought some costumes online. gave me two kids costumes for 3.99 each + 4.99 for shipping + 30% off. We got them the other day. I was amazed to receive such high quality costumes for such an amazing deal. This is what they look like:

I sent these pics on to my mother-in-law, so proud of my amazing deal. She sent them on to great grandparents. This is what one had to say about them:

Am getting the impression that our new Great Grandson is not to pleased with his costume. Rumor is he wants to be Batman.

Come on! it fits like a glove! LOL! So, if anyone has a spare batman costume, send it my way ;)

More cute bedtime stories. Claire's routine is teeth, potty, pj's, scriptures, prayers, cuddles, fan on (for a noise barrier), lights out. We have recently allowed Matthew to help with the cuddles.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Evel Knievel...

Yesterday was the LDS Church's General Semi-Annual Conference (what a mouthful!) AKA stay at home church. I LOVE going to church in my pj's. Claire was very entertained by seeing the 'pophet'. She kept seeing 'follow da paphet, follow da paphet, don'tch you, follow the paphet, stray!"

In between the two Sunday sessions, I was making lunch and Claire and Daddy were playing "kick the ball up the stairs" (which is a lot harder than it looks). The game soon migrated into our bedroom with roaring, screaming and chasing. The ball was forgotten and Matthew was added instead. Nick would chase after Claire, carrying Matthew and landing him on her, so he was essentially jumping on her head, back, tummy, whatever. Claire would squeal with delight and keep going.

Soon, Nick was doing anything to make Claire laugh. At one point, Matthew was 'placed' upon Claire's car and took Evel Knievel dives while 'driving' said car.

It ended shortly thereafter to the sound of the phone.

Did I tell you that I adore my husband?