Thursday, September 3, 2009


My sister Marlies has a dog named Savannah. As in, Savannah, GA (is that spelled with an h or without?). She lived there for a while a few years ago and adopted her first baby: Savannah the wiener dog. she's a dang cute little animal.

Anyway, Marlies found this purse (among multiple other clothing stuffs) with this little wiener dog as the theme of the clothes and sent them to us. THEY ARE TOO CUTE! They are all big right now, but we'll have to show you the adorable-ness of them later. Meanwhile... Claire has come to carry this little dog purse that we loving call "vanna" (because Marlies calls her dog "Hannah" for short. We don't have Hannah, but we do have a Vanna.) around with her. Claire sucks on that poor dog's nose all the time. I suppose I'll have to let her be a girly-girl if she wants to ...sigh

One of Claire's favorite things to do makes her wait until Daddy comes home. When he gets there, she tries to do everything he does (this probably where 'bad dog' came from). One of the things she mimics is playing the Nintendo Wii. She gets so angry when we take the remotes from her, no matter what distraction we offer her in return. She wants to be doing what Daddy is doing and why would anyone dream of taking that away from her is beyond me.
(secretly I adore that she WANTS to be a daddy's girl)

Claire is the biggest climber! This is a minor version of what she is into lately, but one of them that I could catch on camera without being afraid to let her fall while I grabbed the shot. YIKES! She's in to everything she can reach and even the things she shouldn't be able to reach! ( she loves to climb in the bathtub! AGH! major konk as there is nothing to brace her fall!).


Sorensen Home Base said...

Yeah! More stories and pictures. Now I have something new to show off to all the people who are asking for the latest Claire story! She is a popular request!

David and Lauren said...

Again you have proven that you have one of the cutest little girls I know!

The Hill family said...

Both of my girls are totally in LOVE with daddy! They get so excited when daddy comes home from work, it is so cute! And when he plays our Wii they both have to have a controller to help him win the games! It is really cute.

Bill said...

I love her green dress. she is so cute. Sure miss you all. Your vegies are great. I love to read your blog.