Tuesday, August 18, 2009

trampolines and ice cream cones...

We went to Nick's first big boy work party. It was called: Mosquito Fest 2009. BYOR (Bring Your Own Repellent). There were a few kids there other than Claire. This one jumping on the tramp is a little fireball named Samantha. She's a riot. She's so TINY! She's like seven months older than Claire and she is a little shorter and weighs the same.

They had fun playing on the trampoline. Claire just really loves to be outside. You know, she's a sitting in the dirt, eating bugs kind of kid (you know a girl who is NOT prissy NOR into pink...te he). Soon after we had cleaned her up from dinner, a woman that Nick works with wanted to play with Claire. They were soon sharing ice cream and then Jeanie (the adult in the photo), was teaching Claire how to jump really high. It was hilarious.

Nick's job is just what we expected. A GREAT opportunity with a lot of work that is hard, yet rewarding when finished. We're so grateful. We sat with the 'peons' (their words, not mine) for most of the evening and were reminded of how blessed we really are that Nick hasn't even officially graduated and he has a full time job with benefits. I have insurance! I can hardly BELIEVE it! We are so grateful for this job and the many ways that we are blessed. Claire being number 1 on that LONG list of blessings. Thanks for thinking and praying for us. Know we think of you often and pray for you to be blessed in the ways you need as well.


Hill Top Star said...

Yay for grown up jobs! Congratulations again. I love the photos of Claire.

Lynz said...

Awesome! I'm so glad he has a great job with insurance! It makes things a little easier to breath, I'm sure! Claire is a cutie!

George said...

what a wonderful time, I wish I can have time with my kids laying on trampoline that I bought from lifespantrampolines.com.au. I hate the business trip far from my family. Beautiful moment, thanks for sharing.

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