Tuesday, July 28, 2009

watching baseball...sort of

Claire is back to taking very measured steps every where she goes. Whenever i try to hurry her along, she sits down and crawls. We went to a local A1 baseball game last night and Claire had an awfully hard time walking on the uneven grass.

There were some kids that were 3-4 years old playing near by and she did everything she could to get over there to play with them. At one point (I just stood by to make sure things were okay, I tried not to interfere), the oldest little boy was pulling another along without watching where he was going. He was headed...right over the top of Claire. I yelled a warning (okay, you have to interfere if a child is almost injured, right? Especially yours...or even by yours...), but he was too late in noticing her. They both sat right up, Claire with a whimper and a frown and the little four year old sat up and turned to her and said, "are you okay?" to Claire. Talking about melting a mother's heart. What a sweet little boy to care about someone else at that age! What a mother to teach her kid that!

Claire was back at it again, trying to follow those kids around. She was a riot! I love my baby! The kids never included her, which was fine...not their job, but I remember so well the cousins that she does have that are much older that include her. I'm so glad she has some to play with and has been ABLE to play with them, too!

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