Thursday, July 30, 2009

1 year mark stats...almost

Today is Claire's one year checkup! I'm scared to death because I know she will not like the shots much. :( She also conked her head on the hard floor about 10 minutes before she went down for her nap. I can only imagine that exacerbating the coming shots. my poor girl. I'm typing this now because I'm not sure I'll get another chance to! she is a little coo-coo after shots and I doubt I'll have a moment of rest for the next few days if she is anything like at her six month check up. I'll just have to do a brief one when we get to it for the REAL stats.

Claire has seven teeth (we are still waiting for that bottom right one to come through, Krista. Don't know what happened to it). I think that's a bit of an odd number to have (well, odd in the number sense and odd in the strange sense, too...ha ha...I made a pun).

She has been cRaZy the last two days. I'll be doing sit ups and she will come up right between my legs and plop on my tummy for a giant hug (with her classic pat, pat). She has started to wrestle without me instigating it. Where did she learn that one! LOL it is hilarious! I'm trying to get all of these things on video, but she really has become so fasinated with the camera, it makes it impossible.

Gramma Mimi (rosi0---my momma) gave her a play kitchen for her birthday. She won't leave the thing alone! Lots of things in the kitchen sing, so she'll start the thing singing and then dance to it. Her arms a-waving. She has also found that climbing is fun! AGH! she climbs up on this kitchen. I have to watch her more carefully now and I keep the bathroom door closed because I'll find her in the tub while I'm trying to do a bunch of things that keep me more occupied than it should. She's a riot. I can't get enough of her. Well, that's not entirely true. I do love it when nap time comes. It's a little break from her busy-ness. I'm sure it will only get worse when she's a full time walker! AGH!

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