Monday, April 20, 2009

tid bits...

So, we have been calling Claire "C" or "CB" (for Claire-bear) for a while now. It derived from us IMing whilst Nick was at work. Instead of him asking how Claire was, he would ask about "CB". It stuck. Nick has also called her "monster" since the second week she was born. You know, when the crying really kicks in. Anyway...Monster is now like an endearing term. One day, we combined the two and came up with Cmonster. You know, like SeaMonster, but BETTER! Too many nicknames! She answers really well to Claire and "C".

Here are a few random tid bits about Cmonster...

She pulls herself up all the time! this one is just on her knees.

This one is a full body pull up.

This is where claire serves time outs ( but we take out the toys). Some days it's used a lot more than others. She learns pretty quickly most of the time. She doesn't throw her food on the floor (except by accident) anymore, she doesn't arch her back when it's time to eat anymore, she still LOVES to pull things out of the entertainment center. This is where she has the most time outs from. and even a "stern" talking too if she gets into the electrical cords (which I've tried so hard to make unreachable! Any hints, Moms...let me know).

She has been doing two of the cutest things that I keep trying to get pics of. Hopefully I'll still get them. One is that she ALWAYS sits as if she was doing a Hurkie---one leg in front, the other behind her, but still on her knee (the back leg only).
The other is that she puts her butt in the air.

You always will get fun times with Daddy, because he gets her to laugh the best. She smiles really big for me, but nothing like Daddy. Nick will come home and spot C playing and he'll get down on all fours and chase her screaming around the apartment! She loves it. I've tried it a few times and she just stares at me with a big smile as if she were saying, "really mom. You're great, but don't try to be like Daddy. You're for teaching. Dad is for PLAYING!" No fair, no fair!


David and Lauren said...

She is such a little cutie! I love her laugh, it just makes me smile. We also got Nick's announcement today.

Melissa said...

She is just too cute! I absolutely love her laugh! Let me know when you are going to be in Orem again and we can have lunch or something.

Oh, and Miles is the only one that seems to like me as much as Jay. Daddy's are for playing!