Monday, April 6, 2009

9 month check-up...

Claire has been so wonderful. She now has those two teeth in fully, but she doesn't like to use them yet. She's gone back to eating, or rather drinking me dry (which increases the milk supply, which makes me fuller faster, which DRIVES ME CRAZY!). She doesn't like to eat anything solid right now. I think she became ubber sensitive when she was teething and didn't want to eat much and it's just carried over.

We went to the doctor today for her nine month check up.
height: 27 inches 25% (WOW! She used to be 75-90%!)
weight: 17 lbs 25%
head: however many cm that puts her in the 25% (i never remember this one right)

She's also been
so much through out her life that last check up (6 months) when we mentioned it, the dr said to cut out everything but milk and slowly build her back up to see if it's an allergy or something like that. I did and she still
every day about 7-8X. Not like a little spit up here and there, but like the entire contents of her stomach! 7-8 X a day! Needless to say, I should own a carpet cleaner! I do call HER a vacuum cleaner because she eats EVERYTHING she finds on the floor (ironic because she won't eat her Cheerios right now, or anything else I try to feed her the Proper way). I always used to vacuum two to three times a week, but now it's more of an every day occurrence. Anyway, I'm way off topic...

dr wants me to take her in to get an Upper GI (upper gastric-intestinal) test to make sure she doesn't have any blockages. She goes in this thursday. Daddy has to do it because I'm going to be teaching voice lessons. Poor guy (and her, too). She has to not eat before she goes, so she is going to be FU-SSY! Good luck, you two.

Basically an Upper GI consists of her swallowing a pill that has a camera in it that will take pics of her system and then she'll pOOp it out!

General Conference was amazing. I was able to listen to Saturday's sessions better than Sundays, but I really did enjoy them. Especially all of the talk about the preparation because of the times. and if you're not prepared, it's never too late. Really great stuff.


Sorensen Home Base said...

Thanks for all the info Deb. Love the part about the Savior; mostly the fact that you addressed it to Claire. Good luck on Thursday and on the results. I hope you can finally get some answers.

Lora said...

You'll have to let me know how the Thursday appt goes! Does not sound fun at all!

Melissa said...

I wonder if maybe she's allergic to milk and is getting it through your breast milk. I know Kara's two youngest had this problem and she had to cut out dairy from her diet. Worth a try maybe? I know it took about a week for her to be able to tell the difference. Good luck and poor Claire! I hope they figure something out.

Marissa said...

Oh bless your heart...I can't do throw-up, so I feel for you!