Wednesday, August 13, 2014

softies and hawks...

All of my kids (thus far...we'll see about Thomas) have been super tactile. Claire has a blanket she won't sleep without. Matthew loves HAIR. And Zoey loves fuzzies. She will search out lint. From the dryer, from clothes, from animals. Whatever. If she sees something fluffy, she will pick it up and either put it in her mouth or right under her nose. She even will put it under my nose and try to get me to eat it.

Enter: The pink softy. This little blanket (Grammie made a big one and a small one...and incidentally, the large one was made out of Nick's baby blanket that he adored. It's used as it's stuffing. Wish I had a picture of it to explain it. Krista is a genius. She made it peek a boo style. Until Zoey pulled out the fuzzies........that is minky on one side and HAIRY minky on the other. If Zoey wakes before I get her out of bed, you better believe that she's pulling little bits of this hairy stuff off. Often with such content that I don't hear her when she wakes and when I go in to check on her, she's covered in fluff. Yesterday she started carrying this thing around.

TODAY, I'm holding Thomas. Whenever this girl hears him, I say his name or we go by something of his, she makes this kissing noise which tells anyone who will listen , that she'd like to give Thomas a kiss. It's too cute. So, I'm holding Thomas and Zoey comes up with kissing noises. I lift her up to sit with us and she notices his hair. She leans over to him and uses his hawk as a fuzzy, rubbing it repeatedly under her nose (a 'hawk' is his little hair that we fashion mohawk style. Here, I'll remind you of what it looks like).

How cute is this chubby girl, I ask you?


Sorensen Home Base said...

Love the pictures! Love the kids even more. You'll have to blog lots when you move. We will really be suffering from separation anxiety!

Lora said...

I can't believe you have two kids that I don't even know at all. Such a fun thing to record and remember.