Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Matthew is starting to get words and I guess he has for a while, but they are a bit muddled, so I didn't recognize them:
ow-sah for outside
saaaaahx for socks
ah duh for All Done or Amen
dah for down
shhhhoooz for shoes
sheesuhs for Jesus
no for nose

But my FAVORITE STORY of him talking is:

We are all in the car. Claire is singing:
Sha la la la la la
my oh my
looks like the boys shy
kiss the girl


Woah woah!

Had us rolling. Totally acidental, but SO FUNNY!
He now does the "La la la la la" and the "iss" (kiss) parts too. Through no encouragement from us (ahem).

Sunday, March 11, 2012

what dad's do...

I went out for a bit. Nick was in charge of Matthew while I was gone. Claire was at preschool. He sent me an email later that day with this picture and caption:

Best Babysitter Ever.


Sunday, March 4, 2012


I had a wonderful Sunday last week. I am doing Lent this year. I know it's a Catholic/Evangelist Holiday, but I didn't think it was bad to give up something to Christ for 40 days. I am in no way perfect, and I do give myself Sunday to indulge a bit more, but I have enjoyed it. I was even lucky enough to sing for an Episcopalian Church the same day. Listening to her sermon was quite remarkable. She spoke about how giving up chocolate isn't exactly what God had in mind, but remembering the sacrifice is the point. I loved it.

My monsters are wonderful. Claire is absolutely driving me up a wall with incessant questions, but she is a dear and helps around the house so much for a three year old I wouldn't know what to do without her. She is scared of being tackled lately and I think she's going to end up more like Kloey, who doesn't like to wrestle. Matthew is so excited to wrestle that I sent Claire to time out last week and while I was on the phone for a second, I hear Claire yelling for me. I come back to find Claire on all fours with a Matthew on her back trying to ride her like a pony! That kid is so adventurous! He does that to me and to Nick regularly. He is especially good at giving raspberries on our backs when we pick something up. He lifts up our shirts and slobbers all over our backs. He is speaking, but not clearly. He says "All duh" (all done), "outside" (ow sigh), socks (sahks), and a few others.

Claire had her first recital last Tuesday. She will be doing it again at the end of April. She was freakin' adorable! If you want to come see her, please do! She was pretty shy and you couldn't hear her well, but it was wonderful. I remember singing "Bibbity Boppity Boo" when I was a wee one. I don't remember performing it, but I remember learning "sall a ka doo la, men key ka boo la" with my mom at the piano. Hopefully we're carrying on a little heritage ;) I played the piano...poorly. It was my first professional accompaniment. ha ha ha ha

We are lucky. And we know it.