Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Matthew is starting to get words and I guess he has for a while, but they are a bit muddled, so I didn't recognize them:
ow-sah for outside
saaaaahx for socks
ah duh for All Done or Amen
dah for down
shhhhoooz for shoes
sheesuhs for Jesus
no for nose

But my FAVORITE STORY of him talking is:

We are all in the car. Claire is singing:
Sha la la la la la
my oh my
looks like the boys shy
kiss the girl


Woah woah!

Had us rolling. Totally acidental, but SO FUNNY!
He now does the "La la la la la" and the "iss" (kiss) parts too. Through no encouragement from us (ahem).


Charlie said...

It is sooo cool watching kids as they figure out language. I wanna hear your cuties singing kiss the girl that sounds adorable.

Sunny said...

Love it!

Lora said...

That is awesome!

Shayla said...

haha that's awesome