Friday, May 4, 2012

Big sister and little brother...

 I adore my family. I love to see how it will all come together. It is very obvious right now that my little girl LOVES to play 'Mommy'. She loves to help her brother and bosses him around whenever she can get away with it. This is Claire telling Matthew that he needs his shoes on if he wants to go outside and play.
 Notice SHE is missing her own shoes.
My thumb sucker. I love that shot.

On to the next shoe.

 Growing up, as the youngest, I always wanted someone else to play with.
 I put Matthew in the swing and went to the garage to grab...I don't know...because I had to go grab the camera.
Claire got in the swing behind him to pump them both.

My kids freakin rock.


TammeNBen said...

I love when my kids play with each other. Its fun to listen to their conversations and sometimes I just sit and watch them.

Maggie Hurst said...

Your kids DO rock and I daresay it might have a little something to do with their AWESOME parents.