Monday, June 6, 2011

kissing princes...

"MOM! Come kiss me!"

I look around...Is she in pain? she doesn't sound like it? I find her on the couch, with her eyes closed, clutching a beautiful and fragrant dandelion to her bosom. She waits patiently for me to figure out that I'm to kiss her to 'wake up'.

Through out the day, she continues to call my name and I find her in various places. The last time we played this senario, she had me scale a castle wall, fight and kill the dragon, kiss her, and then dance to "I know you, I walked with you once upon a dream".

SO CLOSE to crawling. Yesterday he had his legs working but didn't know what to do with his arms. We'd see him with his butt in the air, pushing himself with his legs with his face on the floor, probably getting rug burn.

He had ear tubes put in last Thursday (he had 7 ear infections in 6 months---it was like he was never without one). The doc even reassured us (I was almost against it, silly me) and said he had an ear infection when he put the tubes in and it was...ahem...congealed enough that it wouldn't have drained without tubes. Gray stringy stuff....BLECH!


Hurst Family said...

Aw how sweet :) In our house Daddy pretends to be dead or asleep and whoever finds him has to wake him with a kiss... so it's not just for little girls who dream of being a princess. Sometimes it's for grown daddy's who are being silly too.

And ear tubes--- I'd really like to know your thoughts and feelings on them. Landon gets ear infections all the time. (I was cursed the same way as a kid--there was talk of me getting tubes but never did-- I do have partial hearing loss in my left ear but not a big deal). So email me sometime. I'd like to know another mom's take. Also those that I've talked with who have been hesitant to put tubes in their kids' ears but then go through with it have all been happy about their decision...

Miss ya. Hope you had a MARVELOUS Birthday full of cake or ice cream or your favorite dessert. :)

theferrisoneofall said...

Quincey will probably get tubes AGAIN this summer. She didn't have an ear infection the 18 months she had the tubes in. It was great. Now she's had 5 in 6 months. She hasn't quite outgrow it, yet. She actually has an ear infection right now, but I've been giving her an allergy medicine and trying to not give her ANOTHER antibiotic.
It seems to be staving off a bad ear infection. But, what's worse?? - tubes or giving your child an antihistamine everyday? I'm leaning toward getting the tubes.

Shayla said...

Oh my heck that's adorable!!
and poor little boy... :(

Missy said...

Poor Sweet Baby!!! That is so so so hard! Will was the same and the tubes were little miracles -ish.
Claire, I could pop you, you are so cute.
Props for leaving both nuggets behind! Amy is kind of fabulous though, so you did well. LOVE YOU.

Charlie said...

Claire is totally a princess and sounds like she is having some fantastic adventures well done beating the dragon.
I'm sorry Matthew needed to get tubes but it sounds like they are helping already.

Lacy@uphillandsmiling said...

Oh my girls LOVE this game :) It is so sweet!

I hope Matthew is feeling better and the tubes will help.

TammeNBen said...

I remember when Kloey did that. I would find her on her make shift bed waiting for Kael to kiss her.
I remember finding her in my moms kitchen waiting for Sherk to come get her. Kids are great!

Lauren said...

Hmmm... maybe I'll get to play kissing games with a little daughter someday. I hope it's working out better now for Matthew having the tubes in.