Monday, March 28, 2011

8 months!

A new toy that I can't stop eating!

Daxton came over to play and we sat and screamed at each other...We were both very tired and upset and not interested in each other at all.

Aunt Marlies tries to feed my hungry self. I have it more on my face and body than in my mouth.

A picture of tradition. Apparently my sister has this same picture when she was nine months from inside Grumpy's truck.

This one is an awful picture because it's so bleary, but you can see my 'war paint' pretty well. It's medicine for my eczema that we put on me every few hours.

I'm growing like a weed! I've only put on 2 1/2 lbs since my four month check up, but I'm still pretty chubby looking! I'm sweet and cuddly and can't keep my hands outta anything! I am not at all interested in rolling (though I do it when pressed) or crawling. But I do not like things to be out of reach and my sister is so helpful to get me anything I want, whenever I want it. I mostly don't even have to say anything, and there are four toys, a blanket, my sucker (pacifer), a bottle (pretend bottles that drive me crazy), and even my sister pulling on me or giving me suffocating hugs or tackles.


TammeNBen said...

He is just too cute Deb! I love the expression he has in almost every picture. Its like you caught him off guard.

BTW- what is the eczema cream you put on him? Gali has a spot on her arm. Did any over the counter or natural remedies help on his?

Catie said...

I love his hair! We have that same toy that he is holding in the "driving" picture.

Lauren said...

What a cute little guy!

Charlie said...

I love all the pictures especially the driving picture. He is so cute and growing up so fast.

Bill said...

Those two "friends" look especially dangerous with their pacifers in their mouths. Cute pix, Deb. Love that darling Boy.