Tuesday, February 22, 2011

happingins with the kids...


has been battling sickness and junk still. It seems never ending, and I guess it is. He was running 103 fever for a few days, but doc couldn't find a great reason but I did get chastised a bit for not bringing him in sooner.
I don't know what to say about him besides that he's adorable. Nick has found out that whenever you open your eyeballs really wide at him, he starts to giggle. If you shake your head from side to side, he starts to giggle. If Claire is within reach, the kid totally attacks her! Pulls her hair, clothes, whatever to get more of her. She's going to be in trouble when he can crawl over to her and pound her into the ground!


LOVES everyone and everything. Is doing such a great job being a helper and big sister. She bosses everyone around, even me. She is constantly asking for food and that is okay with me because she has really started to EAT! I developed a thing lately because I was so tired of wrestling with her to eat and eating became my least patient time of the day. Tears were common (claire) and anger eminent (deb). So, finally I decided to let her choose how much to eat and what was on her plate was the only thing she was allowed to eat. As soon as she said she was all done, I let her be but then I wouldn't feed her until the next meal AT ALL! and the first few days I wasn't in positions to allow her to eat any sooner than breakfast at 8 amish and then lunch at almost 2! She was so hungry that she'd eat whatever I gave her. Now, it's not perfect but we are both so much happier! HURRAY!

She is still in pull ups and I feel like it's going to be until the end of time. She's so hit or miss with it. 3 days in a row she'll be GREAT and she'll be in panties the whole time. Then on the 4th day she won't pee in the toilet once, but will wet her pants all day long. Finally we'll just put her back in pull ups because I'm tired of trying to not yell, spank, etc. (which does happen at times...HELP MOMS!)

Yesterday was a day off for Nick. After baths/showers, Nick laid on the bed with a crying Matthew, gave him his sucker (pacifier) and a blanket and just held him. Matthew reached up and rubbed his daddy's whiskers and loved every minute of it. Claire watched and decided she wanted a turn when Nick put Matthew to bed. She sat still for 5 WHOLE MINUTES! very impressive.

We've started to call Claire, Miss Bare for 2 reasons: 1-Claire Bear shortened kinda name. 2- she loves to be naked...specifically when others are around. We had a house guest for three days this last weekend (JT Tullis) and she wanted so much to be naked all the time.


Hurst Family said...

Don't beat yourself up about pullups- I have Ian wear them when I can't handle it either. Being a mom is NOT for the faint at heart- most people don't know that--- and many moms fall into the trap of forgetting it. Hang in there. And call me if you want some girly time- we'll let the kids run wild. Ok. Well my kids are wild. Don't know about yours. And I have a hard time keeping clothes on my kids as well. Don't know what to do about that one.

Lacy said...

:) your kids must be so cute and they must have so much fun with you as their Mama:)

Lauren said...

Well, if it of any comfort, Josh is still in diapers and nowhere near ready for serious potty training. I'm just going to let it go for now because most boys take until 3, and since Josh was behind the average in things like crawling, walking and talking, I figure he'll be behind in potty training too. I guess that if I set me expectations low enough then I can't get disappointed or frustrated, right? Maybe not the best parenting attitude, but it works for me.

Meikjn said...

I agree wait until 3 they don't stop having accidents until then anyway. she will come around. they do regress sometimes. when you wait until 3 it is what they want they are much better, and honestly don't waste your money on pull ups. I have found that even at night kids treat them no different than diapers it's a racket.

Melissa said...

I know this is a really really old post, but I have to put my 2 cents in on the potty training thing. Mostly because Hyrum was SO frustrating with it. I think you should let them dictate when they are ready. It's not something you can MAKE them do (go poop NOW kinda thing) and it gets really really frustrating when poop and pee are involved (at least for me). So, don't stress it and let her lead you when she is ready. Potty training is the single hardest thing about being a mom for me. Good luck!