Saturday, December 4, 2010


Nick has been in DC this last week. He gets home TONIGHT! It was his birthday on Friday and his boss' wife sent me this photo of him at the game/event that he was over there for. that arena looks HUGE! Claire has been asking for Daddy almost constantly. She has really missed him. I don't know if Matthew knows the difference when he's gone, except he gets more attention ;) Claire has been absolutely amazing this week while I'm ready to tear my hair out (not because of her...just thyroid problems and not sleeping). tonight I told her we could watch a movie and eat popcorn. She was so excited. I asked her to turn the lights off while I carried Matthew downstairs. It took her a while, but she came down and I went back up, all the lights were off. It was too much to expect of a 2 year old, but wow. I'll keep her. I say this as I hear here upstairs thumping in her bed and not going to sleep...waking up matthew---who is now crying. bye!

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