Wednesday, August 18, 2010

horz? horz? Mafew?

Claire is such a good big sister. She does her best to maul him with love as often as she can. Even with mother standing over her saying, "Too much, too much!" because she's squashing him flat and he can't even breath to scream to Momma.

Yesterday, I was in the bathroom. Usually I leave Matthew in places that Claire can't reach him (or isn't supposed to be able to reach---she can climb in the pack and play, the swing and the crib), but she was downstairs playing and I was just going to be 30 seconds. I was, but at about 15 seconds, she was upstairs and on my bed. I get there as fast as I can, but also trying to be okay with her wanting to be with her brother. She would never intentionally hurt him. Anyway, she is on the bed with him, laying down next time. She's pulled him into a loose hug and has her head resting against his. I don't have a camera right now, but I sure took a picture with my heart. It was the sweetest thing in the whole world.

She also always wants to play with him like her daddy plays with her. So, 10-15 times a day, she asks, "Horz? Horz? Mafew?" and points to her shoulders. She wants him to ride her shoulders like a horse. We always try to do it, if he's not asleep. Pretty adorable kids, I think.


Charlie said...

That is sooo cute. Glad she is loving him so much

Lora said...

Lovely! I can picture Claire with Matthew on her shoulders.. you're a good mom.

ggbdancing said...

What a handsome baby Matthew Bradley is and seeing Claire healthy,beautiful and loving her brother is heart touching Deb. Carol gave me the opportunity to view your wonderful family site and I thank her and you. May God Bless You All! With love, Carol's cousin Julie.