Saturday, November 15, 2008

private, please!

So, after talking with a few of my friends, it has come to my attention that having an open ended blog allows a lot more people than my family and friends to read it. I have, therefore, decided that it is not a good idea for anyone who wants to look at my blog and my baby. I will, therefore, be going "private". Sorry if this inconviences anyone. Know it is not done to drive everyone crazy, but as a somewhat paranoid/protective act towards ensuring that only people I choose may look at my blog. We love you all! thanks for your patience!

Yesterday, after Claire ate her cereal, she was a mess...Nick was washing her off in the sink and she decided she needed a drink...It made us laugh so hard, we had to take a picture...

Presenting: Hula Dancer, Claire!

We were sitting down to eat dinner...Nick keeps trying to teach Claire new tricks, so he gave her his drink...She must have been more hungry than I thought, because she decided to suck on it! she makes me laugh!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

first feeding...rice cereal...

Can't imagine what this stuff tastes like, but it sure smells awful!!! Poor Claire, no wonder she didn't want to eat it.

Claire's four month check up was today! 95% for height, 40% for her weight and 75% for head. The WIC office did it for her on Monday and said that she was 80% for height, 20% for weight and 60% for head. I've come to realize that it is all so subjective. She was such a sweety! when those mean nurses stuck her with multiple needles, she screamed initially and then Daddy picked her up and she quieted down to a low whimper. I hate those moments. I could barely watch...she was so brave. She even gave the nurses a smile on their way out the door. I have the best baby! I don't think I could be nurse...I would hate to HAVE to make a baby intentionally cry. And then have to deal with crazy parents who look at them like they did this maliciously! Good work, nurses...thanks for taking care of our kids in a way I can't stomach.

I need to start writing down the conversations Nick has with her. They are the funniest sentiments. His phrasing is key and I wish I could remember one in specific right now, but I will start remembering because I know I get a kick out of them and I would love to have knowledge of the things my daddy said to me as I was a baby so I'm sure Claire would love it, too.

I have started doing coupon clipping. Can I tell you a few of the deals that I got this week? Oh, good...thanks. Dove shampoos and conditioners were $.17 per bottle. Carnation evaporated milk for FREE!!! Vitamin water for FREE! Salad dressings for $.09. All laundry detergent for $.67 per bottle. Can I tell you that I feel like even though I only work a little bit each week, this saves us so much money that I feel like I have a part time job. I spent $38 on groceries that should have cost me close to $300!!!!

I also wanted to mention my take on immunizations...there is a lot of hype about them right now...leads to autism, etc...My biggest reason for doing it: Missionaries have to have them before they turn in their mission papers. I don't know what that means exactly...but that makes me feel more comfortable making that decision. If people have other opinions or knowledge, I would really enjoy furthering my education on the subject.