Thursday, July 24, 2014

temper tantrums...

I admit it, I totally judged parents who had kids that threw tantrums. I didn't do it conciously, but I notice now that I have one that throws them that I was judging others! How awful! It's hard enough to be a parent.

ANYWAY! Zoey is a tantrum thrower. Since about 13 months. If she doesn't get her way, if Claire gets too close, if Matthew is too rough, if Mom says no...Tantrum. Whining, sometimes screaming. Wow. It's too bad, because you can also get THIS:

Look at that impish grin. How can you not love it?

Zoey loves to drive with the windows down and the music up. This is what she does to 'play' with the wind. Cute, right?

This kid sorts everything. This is her putting rocks into piles of little and big.
Grammie and Grumpy watched her while Thomas was born. She was a riot. She loves to sort. She loves laundry. She got in a laundry basket full of laundry and played by taking everything out. Then got out of the basket and put it all back in and then wanted in herself. She is a hoot.

Thomas Ryan Sorensen

Hello Thomas! We are so glad you finally made it. It was a long road, but you're here and we're so grateful you decided to come!! You had some funny things that made you a hazard at every turn, but we are one day 10 and you have quite the personality already.

Your pregnancy:
Low laying placenta
and finally...predicted to be over 10 lbs!!!

Your delivery:
Dr. Slack
You were born in Loveland, Colorado on July 14, 2014 at 5:42pm.
You were induced at 39 weeks because of your predicted size. Your mom was terrified!!! 14 hour labor where I wasn't allowed to move much because of the pitocin so we could keep an eyeball on your heart.
You came out at a healthy 20 inches, 14.5 head and 8 lbs and 2 oz. My biggest baby but in no way close to the 10 lbs that was predicted.

Your siblings will love you. They have YET to meet you. Claire and Matthew are in Utah with Gramma and Grampa Mathews. They are so exicted to come home and meet you this weekend! Zoey LOVES you. She tries to comfort all your crying and brings Mom diapers and binkies to help out.

You scream all the day and night long. We finally took you into the doc and we were told that you are just a screamer. The doc said that they have seen a strong correlation of screaming babies with no problems and Type A personalities. Claire was the same way and is definitely a Type A.

We love you. Stop screaming!!!

We think that Claire will braid his hair and Matthew will hold it and suck his thumb!

His name comes from my Great Grandfather: William Thomas Mathews. Ryan was just a name we liked.