Thursday, March 27, 2014

Name help...

Seriously...I need name help.

I can't think of anything!!! And it doesn't help that anything I do like, Nick hates. HELP or this kid will be named Monster #4.


We call this girl so many things: Zoey the Zebra, Zig-Zag-Zoe, and Bruiser mostly calls her Ziggy. So, Ziggy LOVES things that go on feet. Personally, yuck. But she will grab anyone's shoe she can find and put it on her hand. Not both, just one. The weirdest part is that she hates it on her own feet. She scrunches and pivots her feet until the shoes fall off, or in this case...This was on the drive home from Disneyland (Oct 2013). She decided that she'd had enough.

Now can manage to get anything off her own feet except for tights. In the Winter she wore a lot of tights because I always had to take her to pick up Bruiser from school. I would always get the oddest looks because of my sockless daughter. Who takes a baby out in the cold without any socks on? Well, me, I guess. Because she'll take them off when I'm driving somewhere and then SUCK on them so they are sopping wet. I assumed it was better to have no socks than to have wet socks in the freezing cold. Crazy Ziggy.

a new super hero...

A long time ago, I told Bruiser that Superman doesn't need gloves, or as he calls them "glubs". After that day, he decided that he didn't want to be Superman anymore. He proceeded to ask me which super heroes DO need gloves. This is the morning he fully decided to choose. He came in to our room, woke us all up, turned on the lights and told us: "I am Iron Man! I have rocket boots!" You can see the Superman pj's under this new outfit. And he figures that all stripes indicate Iron Man. I have no idea why. The most surprising part of this ensemble is that he is not wearing his trademark glubs.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Rocketships...a different kind.

It is a common subject in our house, rocketships. Bruiser (Matthew) nicknamed his poop rocketships when he first started going on the toilet. They are still referred to that way even when we tell him the more logical name would be submarines.

Lately, Matthew has been telling everyone at our house that they are going to be on his rocketship and he will fly away with us. It's almost like who he takes on his rocketship is who he loves. Who he will protect. He's a sweety.

The terrible threes have not been a factor with this kid, except on rare occasions. He likes to push his sister's buttons!! And he loves to see how much he can get away with. You do have to be on your toes, but you do not have to feel at a loss with this one. You can predict his moves!

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Zoey 12 month...


I can't believe this girl is a year! It breaks my heart to know that she is growing so fast. She is truly a joy. I'm so grateful to have her in our home.

Bruiser loves to wrestle this girl. And she is totally willing. It is hard to keep the two apart. They play really well together. Who knew?

Claire loves to mother this girl. It's hard for me to let her, but it's also another eyeball keeping Zoey safe. I still remember the time I was distracted by...I don't know, life...And Zoey found something on the floor. A bead from Claire's broken bracelet that Claire and I had missed (ahhh!!! We really did search! It's a big deal, ya know?) and Zoey put it right in her mouth. Claire and Matthew had a FHE on the scariness of leaving things on the floor that might cause Zoey to choke. Claire saw it, ran over, and reached her (probably dirty!!) fingers in and grabbed it! I was watching because Claire had yelled to get Zoey's action. I'm so grateful that she noticed and took attention. Bravo, girl.

Zoey LOVES to play independently and I'm relieved, cause if I had another Claire, I might die. ;) Zoe loves to push walkers. She walks on her tip toes like Claire did/does. She does not like to crawl much, so she uses her hands and feet to kind of crab walk.

Sign language drives her crazy. She does do all done, more, milk, etc, but she would so much rather just make verbal noises. Bruiser signed for so long this is strange to me, but so neat!

She isn't quite the snuggler that Matthew is, but she is much better than Claire ever was. When you get her up from naps, she puts her head on your shoulder and pats your back...for about 2 seconds...then she's done.
9 months

We have a great family.

Stats for 12 months:
weight: 21 lbs 81%
height: 27 1/4 inches 79%
head: I never remember anything but the 91%

It's a....

we are taking name suggestions ;)